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Plan For IT Like Your Business Depends On It.

Having a reliable IT infrastructure is no longer enough. Using technology to lead, enable, and support business growth is what will keep you competitive today.

Our Mission


We know from years of experience that companies who invest in IT planning outperform their competition and achieve higher levels of growth. Yet, research shows that fewer than 17% of small and mid-sized companies believe their current IT strategy is capable of supporting their current strategic business goals and initiatives.

That's why we're on a mission to turn conventional IT planning on its head. To make it simple, cost-effective, and accessible for organizations of all sizes, not just large companies with big budgets and expensive consultants.

Make Technology Decisions That
Radically Improve Business Outcomes

Our Story



Nate Payne, Founder

IT Planning Toolkit

Over the last 25 years I have lived IT from the inside out, supporting, advising, and running high-performing IT teams for Fortune 500 companies, small business enterprises, and nonprofit organizations.

During this time, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a lack of clarity and understanding around business-technology relationships and dependencies within an organization can lead to poor IT performance, and ultimately, poor business performance.

So, in 2018 when I started my IT consulting company (, I was desperate to find a solution that would allow IT and business leaders to have more productive conversations around technology and technology planning, so they could quickly get on the same page, make smarter decisions, and achieve greater business outcomes.

But, the solution had to check ALL the boxes:


Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single solution that had all of these things.

And, I literally spent months slogging through product demo after product demo trying to find it.

Most solutions would have two, maybe three, of the things I was looking for, but none had all of them.

So, like any frustrated business owner, I decided to create what I couldn't find.

My goal was to build a complete technology planning solution for small and mid-sized companies who wanted to leverage IT to lead, enable, and support business growth, but were being held back by the complexity, time-costs, and expense of conventional options. 

The solution had to be so simple and effective that no one would ever have an excuse for not planning or making bad technology decisions again.

So, I made a list of everything that was missing or outdated about conventional IT planning, and everything that needed to be included in a modern planning system.

Then, I figured out what would deliver the greatest value (we include what-if scenario analysis, data visualizations, customizable assessments, solution templates, and much more).

After months of designing, building, and testing, IT Planning Toolkit was born.

This is the solution I wish I had 20+ years ago!

So, if you’re an IT decision maker who's struggling to figure out what’s going on with IT, spinning your wheels, feeling stuck. Afraid to make decisive moves because you don’t really understand what or where the problems are, but at the same time knowing that you can't keep doing what you've been doing, IT Planning Toolkit is the solution you've been waiting for.



Cost effective



Easy to understand

Business and IT focused




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